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Good Guy Plumbing was started by a father and son duo who were dissatisfied with the way plumbing companies operated. They believed that too often the customer was treated unfairly, charged too much for a service, or was not shown the level of care they deserved. That is why they started Good Guy Plumbing, where our uniformed professionals are also good people. We are revolutionizing the industry and dispelling the “plumber” myth by providing quality plumbing services from uniform individuals who really do care.

As a family owned and operated business, we are proud to serve our neighbors, friends, and family. We take the time to cultivate close relationships and understand what our customers need. We take our 25 years of plumbing experience to provide everyone with the right solutions and strive to leave a smile on your face every time.


Other Reasons Customers Trust Us

We strive to put our customers first at all times. To us, “Good Guy” isn’t just a name—it’s part of our core values. We care more about creating close relationships with our customers than making a quick buck. That is why when you turn to us, you never have to worry about our Good Guy plumbers trying to oversell you services or materials.

  • We are licensed, bonded & insured
  • We offer a Good Guy guarantee
  • Our plumbers are in uniform & professional
  • You have access to ‘You Choose’ upfront, menu pricing
  • We offer affordable financing options

Nothing wears on home and business owners like the idea of dealing with a plumbing problem. It can be time-consuming frustrating and can prevent you from handling your other responsibilities. At Good Guy Plumbing, we are here to make your life easier with quality plumbing services in Torrance. From leak detection to toilet repairs and installation, we can handle any project our customers send our way.

When you call our trusted professionals, you can rest assured you will receive industry-leading care and service. By carefully inspecting each project, we diagnose the root of the issue and explain to the customer exactly what is wrong. This way, you can make an informed decision about your plumbing.

Don’t hesitate anymore, experience The Good Guy Difference


Clogged drains are a massive inconvenience in any household. You can’t clean dishes, run the washer, or use the bathroom.



Gas lines are vital for households: they power stoves, water heaters, and other appliances in your home to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable all year.



Damage caused by leaking pipes can turn into a financial burden if left unattended. It is estimated that ten percent of homes have plumbing that is leaking,



We’ll get the job done, whether it be to repair your existing water heater or to install a new one. If you are experiencing problems with your water heater.


Good Guy Club Membership

Peace of Mind Plumbing For Just Pennies Day!

Good Guy Plumbing wants to keep your plumbing working perfectly, so you don’t have to worry. Let’s not risk the plumbing going bad at the worst time, and spending more because you weren’t aware! With our Club Membership, we help bring you peace of mind with all of your plumbing! For just pennies a day, you receive incredible savings and benefits, plus an annual multi-point plumbing inspection by a Good Guy Plumber!


Only $149 year - What's included

  • DOUBLE Warranties on repairs
  • DISCOUNT – Up to 15% off on services
  • DRAIN MAINTENANCE – Treatment and conditioner
  • SAFETY – Annual plumbing safety and maintenance inspection
  • TOILET – Leak testing
  • WATER QUALITY – Annual water hardness & pressure
  • SEWER LINE – Annual main sewer line camera inspection (cleanout only)

At Good Guy Plumbing, we put people first and look out for you as if we are your friendly neighbor. We are honest, transparent, and fair. We strive to exceed expectations from start to finish.

Reliable & Affordable Plumbing Services in Torrance, CA

We take the “good guy” in our name very seriously. Our staff is always friendly and professional. We make it our mission to go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. From leaking toilets to pipe replacements, we have you covered!

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