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Unclean Water on Your Mind?

Is the water running through the pipes of your home and being used by your family pure? If not, or if you’re not sure, then give Good Guy Plumbing a call. We are the best in Torrance plumbing services. We can help you determine whether your water is safe for consumption and offer you options on water filtration systems. You’ll find that we have competitive, upfront, menu pricing. We’re “Honest and Fair…Without Compare” and we want to make sure you are always satisfied, so we offer our Good Guy Guarantee.

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Water Filtration Is the Way to Go

For customers who have a large amount of minerals, sediment, chlorine, chemicals, and other impurities in their water, your plumber in Torrance would recommend a water filtration system. There are two common types.

A point-of-use water filtration system is more helpful to those customers whose water supply is tainted with a significant level of chemicals and contaminants. This kind of system does a more comprehensive job than just adding a carbon filter to the bathroom or kitchen sink. An example of this type of system is called a reverse osmosis water filtration system. These types come in various sizes; however, the bigger units can filter a greater amount of water a lot faster than the smaller models. In the larger units, the filter is intended to work for a year before you need to replace it. It is important to have the system installed by a Good Guy Plumber because some systems may need a fixed connection to the permanent plumbing.

An option for homeowners who would like to soften their water by taking out excessive amounts of minerals, in addition to other filtration benefits, would be a point-of-entry water filtration system. This is also known as a full house water filtration system. This system is usually connected in the basement, treating the household water before it enters the house. Once the water passes through the filtration system, it is then passed to areas of the home that require water.

What You Get Out of a Water Filtration System

There are multiple benefits to installing a full house water filtration system:

  • You are healthier and feel better when you drink purified water
  • No longer having hard water will lengthen the longevity of your appliances
  • No more chemicals or sediment in your water
  • Bottled water is more expensive than a filtration system
  • You’ll have clean water all the time!

We Are at Your Service

If you find you are in the market for a water filtration system, large or small, give Good Guy Plumbing a call. Our uniformed professionals are licensed and bonded and will install your new system quickly and efficiently. They’ll come when it’s convenient for you, not the other way around.

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