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Not a Fan of Cold Showers?

There’s nothing worse than waking up and jumping into the shower, only to discover that you have no hot water. If you’ve got water heater trouble, give GGP a call. We can come out, assess the problem, and discuss your options with you. We’ll get the job done, whether it be to repair your existing water heater or to install a new one. If you are experiencing problems with your water heater, book online or give us a call today at (310) 928-2638.

In addition to speedy repair for water heater emergencies, Good Guy covers installations of water heaters on new construction buildings and sites. We are based in Torrance, CA and provide services to the surrounding areas, including Rancho Palos Verdes, Carson, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Lomita, and Manhattan Beach.

Good Guy Plumbing is the smart choice when it comes to your water heater repair and installation.

Signs Your Water Heater Is On Its Last Leg

Lack of hot water is one sign that your water heater unit is faulty, but besides that, there are other signs to look out for when you suspect you may have water heater trouble. They include:

  • Whining, rumbling, or popping noises coming from your water heating unit
  • Water leaking out from the bottom of the water heating unit
  • Rusty colored or foul-smelling water

If you experience any of these symptoms of a problematic water heater, then it’s time to call in the experts. GGP are the go-to experts in Torrance, CA for all of your plumbing needs. Our technicians will explain the problem in detail and will provide you with options, so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

A New Water Heater Can Make All the Difference

If a repair would be too costly or ineffective, you may choose to replace your water heater. If you are getting a new installation, there are a few options available to you:

  • Solar powered heaters – These heaters are a cost-effective and environmentally safe option in some areas of the country. Because they use the sun’s power, they heat the water at virtually no cost to you. This also means that you’ll be saving on your utility bills.
  • Conventional water heaters – Conventional heaters use either natural gas or electricity. These tanks vary in size from 20 to 100 gallons. Traditional water heaters are the most common in older construction. These heaters heat the water already in the tank as it cools between uses, thus using more energy. They also waste a lot of water.
  • Tankless water heaters – These units are a different kind of heater that are also eco-friendly and more economical than other water heating units. A tankless water heater decreases your energy costs and saves you money by delivering a never-ending supply of hot water, precisely when you need it. It also saves space because the unit is about the size of a briefcase.

You Can Count on Us

Whether you need a water heater repair, a replacement, or a new installation, GGP are the plumbers to call! We are fully prepared to tackle any size job. We have upfront, menu pricing and all our professionals are licensed and insured. We’re so confident in our plumbing services in Torrance that we offer our ‘Good Guy’ Guarantee. Book online or call (310) 928-2638 to schedule an appointment today!


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Why Choose Good Guy?

At Good Guy, we pride ourselves on providing an unmatched level of care with all of the services we provide, welcoming each and every client into the Good Guy family. We have spent more than two decades providing California residents with emergency solutions to any plumbing issues they are experiencing. Call (310) 928-2638 or book Good Guy online right now to schedule an appointment and get your system back up and running!

Family Owned and Operated

We treat customers like family.


Good Guy Guarantee

We guarantee 100% satisfaction or we will make it right.

Upfront Pricing

We are transparent about pricing, so there are never any surprises.

Highly Rated

We have over 100 (5) star reviews online from our customers.

Clean and Uniformed

Our Good Guy Professionals arrive with clean uniforms, and wear shoe covers to protect your home.

Flexible Schedule

We work around your schedule, and are there when you need us.

Good Guy Services

gas line repair & installation

There are many reasons why your gas line may need to be replaced. In the case of a faulty pipe, our trained professionals can repair or replace them for you.

Faucet & sink repair

We repair all types and styles of sinks and faucets including cartridge, compression, disc, and ball, including bathroom and commercial sinks.

new fixture installation

GGP can change the entire aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen with new fixtures.

Plumbing inspections

We’ll inspect your plumbing to find and fix any issues before and after a home renovation, when purchasing a building, or when you’ve begun to notice your water bill has skyrocketed.

Leak detection & repair

Over time, a small crack in your pipe can lead to a huge expense. Our Good Guys will detect any leaks in your pipes.

water heater repair & install

We’re the guys to call when you’ve decided you’ve had enough and won’t be taking any more cold showers. Choose between conventional heaters or the solar powered and tankless water heaters. Ask us about eco-friendly and cost-effective options!

plumbing repair & install

If an earthquake occurs, a gas leak is the last thing homeowners need to worry about. Now, you don’t have to. We can install an earthquake shut-off valve on to your gas meter. These prevent leaks that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions, and fires.

drain cleaning

Clogged drain? We can fix that. In the long run, a professional cleaning of your plumbing system will save you money compared to a store-bought drain cleaner.

garbage disposal

Are you having problems with your garbage disposal? Whether it’s making strange sounds, is backed up, slow to drain or won’t turn on at all, we’re prepared to inspect it and repair or upgrade your garbage disposal if needed.

water treatment system

You wouldn’t want your family consuming impure water. Neither do we. Let us determine your water quality. A water filtration system can be cleaner, healthier and more cost-effective than unfiltered water systems.

earthquake shut-off valve

If an earthquake occurs, a gas leak is the last thing homeowners need to worry about. Now, you don’t have to. We can install an earthquake shut-off valve on to your gas meter. These prevent leaks that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions, and fires.

toilet repair & installation

You’ve got a toilet that is all clogged up. You’ve relentlessly plunged as the water overflows and spills all over the floor. What do you do? It’s Good Guy to the rescue! We’ll come out and take care of the blocked or malfunctioning toilet immediately to get your home up and running again.

Hydro jetting

When you are using your kitchen and bathroom drains every day, it is inevitable that some level of build up will develop in your pipes due to the combination of dirt, soap, grease, hair, shampoo, food products, and other items.

tankless water heater

 With the advancement of technology and appliances, there is no reason to wait around for hot water anymore! You can enjoy on-demand hot water when you have the right water heater for your home installed.

PIPE Replacement

Having an issue with your pipes? We will come to you and offer an estimate. Our upfront pricing and financing options allow us to accommodate almost any budget.

At Good Guy Plumbing, we put people first and look out for you as if we are your friendly neighbor. We are honest, transparent, and fair. We strive to exceed expectations from start to finish.

Reliable & Affordable Plumbing Services in Torrance, CA

We take the “good guy” in our name very seriously. Our staff is always friendly and professional. We make it our mission to go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. From leaking toilets to pipe replacements, we have you covered!

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